Wednesday, November 27, 2013

"READING THE TORAH", 14 x 18, oil/palette knife, on canvas.


  1. Each of the people on the bimah during the Torah reading have a different stance, some of that caught here. The person reading, the person getting an aliyah, the one who just had and now shifted over, and the gabbaim. Watch it next time in shul and you'll see the differences.

    1. There's a little thing called a 'mechitza' :-) So I rely on the reference photos that friends allow me to use.
      But thanks! I should confer with you BEFORE the painting is started!

  2. As an outsider looking in ( a Goya, I think you call me) it is a wonderful painting - like the colours and composition.

  3. Thanks Mervyn B. It's always a pleasure sharing art. I look forward to sharing our blogs and our art.