Tuesday, June 28, 2011


A Catskills summer at it's best... these men speak of Torah as the long day draws to an end and the sun takes on a golden hue. If, as a child, you've ever had the fortune of attending that bungalow colony in the mountains, or that Yeshiva or Bais Yaacov camp, this painting's for you.

'TODAY IS A FAIRYTALE', 14 x 18, o/c

When it comes to portraits and figurative paintings, unique compositions are key. Here is the perfect, romantic ending, replete with sunset.

'BLOWING BUBBLES' 10 x 8, o/c

I was really just messing around here... It's good to try to push the envelope. Here I added more color than usual and loaded up the paint (yes, even more than I usually do!).

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I'm kicking off the Summer with three new paintings of the Catskills. Please scroll down.

Fly-fishing is a common sight on the many lakes near me. This painting is a good example of how the edges in nature are somewhat softer and the colors more diffuse, while the addition of one lone figure really makes a splash!
It's worthwhile to enlarge the painting (you can magnify it quite a bit if you click on it twice), to see this up close!
By the way, readers, feel free to post comments... I'd welcome feedback!

Picking Wildflowers, 10 x 18 o/c

The model is my grand-daughter and the backdrop is Loch Sheldrake, viewed from one of the golf courses there.

Sunset Over Loch Sheldrake, 14 x 18 SOLD

Happily, this painting found it's new home before it even had time to dry...