Thursday, February 17, 2011

"Upsherin", 20 x 16, o/c,

It's hard for me to write much about this painting. I feel it's one of my most successful portraits but I'm probably not impartial enough to judge. The subjects here are my son, and my grandson at age three, on the day of his first haircut. I love how their expressions of joy are focused on their intertwined hands as they prepare to kiss the fringes of his first pair of 'tzizit'.

The result of my high-speed, drive-by (photo) shooting: 'Brooklyn Rooftops', 16 x 20, o/c

I may crave rural, but I 'know' urban. The geometry of the city is in my blood. For anybody wondering, it's the view from the Prospect Expressway, Manhattan-bound. I got lucky aiming my camera out the passenger side window while negotiating lane mergings.

A Day at the Beach, 24 x 18, o/c

Inspired by a recent trip down to Florida...